Currently, more and more often, both in new construction and in the reconstruction of existing networks, pipeline systems made of polypropylene are used. The popularity of polypropylene pipes and fittings is due to their undeniable advantage over traditional materials (cast iron, steel, reinforced concrete, polyethylene). The sinikon plant produces pipes and fittings for four systems designed for internal and external Sewerage, as well as internal drains.



polypropylene domestic sewage system


SINIKON Standard for internal pressureless sewage - the most popular system among buyers. Builders and designers appreciate the excellent combination of price and quality, and installers appreciate the ease of installation.

Polypropylene sewer pipes and fittings are intended for use in household sewage systems of buildings with a maximum temperature of permanent drains up to 80 ° C and short-term (within 1 minute) drains with a temperature up to 95 ° C. Their use is allowed for the removal of chemically aggressive effluents with a pH value from 2 (acidic medium) to 12 (alkaline medium). When using pipes and fittings for transporting untreated industrial effluents, it is necessary to check the chemical resistance of the pipe material.

The production of pipes and fittings SINICON Standard is carried out according to GOST 32414-2013 and in accordance with the European (German) standard DIN EN 1451-1: 1999-03 together with DIN CEN / TS 1451-2: 2012-05, as well as DIN 4102- 1: 1998-5 and DIN 4102-4: 1994-03 or DIN EN ISO 11925-2: 2011-02 together with DIN EN 13501-1: 2010-01. In 2016, SINICON successfully passed certification in the German company SKZ for compliance with European requirements DIN EN 1451-1.

Pipes are made by extrusion, and fittings by injection molding from a propylene homopolymer (type 1) PP-H. Application of products is regulated by SNiP 2.04.03-85, SP 30.1333.0.2016, SP 40-102-2000, SP 40-107-2003.

All products have valid certificates of conformity GOST R for serial production and permission to use the mark of conformity for voluntary certification of products.

Pipeline service life: at least 50 years, subject to current standards and manufacturer's recommendations.



low noise internal sewerage


SINICON Comfort was created as a product for use in the construction of luxury homes, hospitals, kindergartens, schools and similar institutions. The SINIKON Comfort system is made of modified polypropylene, has a higher material density and increased wall thickness compared to conventional polypropylene pipes. Moreover, unlike many other manufacturers, SINIKON makes not only pipes with increased wall thickness, but also fittings. In 2017, the SINICON company began production of an updated line of pipes and fittings for the SINICON Comfort Plus system, equipped with COMFORT clamps with reduced sound conductivity. SINICON Comfort Plus allows you to further reduce the noise level in sewer systems.



gutter system


Modern multi-story construction is impossible to imagine without a high-quality internal drainage system. It is installed inside heated buildings and provides drainage of rain and melt water from the roofs of residential and industrial buildings. The main feature of the internal gutters is that the gutters and drain pipes must withstand the pressure of the water column that occurs during blockages and overflows in the system. The maximum pressure that can occur in the pipe is determined by the height from the intake funnel to the outlet. Understanding the possibility of an accident and its sad consequences for all residents of the house, it is worth approaching the choice of pipes and fittings responsibly and meticulously.

Pipes for indoor drains SINICON Rain Flow is manufactured in two types: Rain Flow 60 (when tested in laboratory conditions, the pipes withstand a water column pressure of 60 meters high), and Rain Flow 100 (capable of withstanding a pressure of 10 bar (100 meters water column). Rain Flow 60 (with a wall thickness of 3.4 mm) is recommended for use in downpipes from the riser to the roof funnel, while SINICON Rain Flow 100 (with a wall thickness of 5.3 mm) is used in downpipes, as these pipes can withstand pressure up to 10 bar. Since 2015, the release of power began Rain Flow fittings with a wall thickness of 3.4 m. Rain Flow fittings are intended for use only in downpipes to gutters.

Both systems are equipped with a special o-ring, which in combination with a special bell shape ensures absolute tightness of the joints in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.



outdoor sewage system


External sewage systems are an important element of both the urban environment and private construction. The quality and durability of the materials used in the installation of the external sewage system depend on the convenience of living, the operating time and the environment. Disruption of sewer systems can significantly degrade the quality of life of people and create problems for